Unlike many of its Russian competitors Kraftway realizes that product design and solution development are crucial factors for its survival in the marketplace. Kraftway invests over $2 M in R&D annually.

In April 2003 Kraftway and Intel opened a solution center (later transformed into a Research and Competence Centre) in Moscow to support a migration of Russian customers to a new architecture. Through the resources and expertise of the centre Kraftway is committed to continuously enhancing its research and development capabilities and delivering new technologies and solutions to better suit the needs of the customers. Today the company invests in information security, product design, thin clients, management software development, surveillance and video analytics, vertical solutions for government, healthcare, education, utilities, city security and other areas.

Kraftway employs over 50 qualified engineers and developers with more than 70 key technology certificates. In 2006 Kraftway’s software product became the finalist of Microsoft OEM Hardware Solutions Technology Innovation Partner of the Year competition. In 2007 the company obtained a patent for this management software.

Kraftway has a broad interest in the area of information security. Currently the company offers a wide range of innovative products and services for the protection of sensitive or confidential data. Kraftway invests it its own motherboard design, secure BIOS and its integration with third party security software.

Video surveillance and analytics are also in high demand in Russia. Kraftway’s advanced video analytics solution helps optimize the use of video survellance and improve physical security.

In 2012 Kraftway launched a new all-in-one PC based on Elbrus processor designed in Russia.

The company invested over 100M rubles in R&D in 2014. Currently Kraftway owns 18 patents and utility models.

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